Freestall Dairy Barn

Olympia Dairy Barn Features

Dairy BarnsHerringbone Milking Parlor Design:

  • Most popular type
  • Cows enter single file directly into either side of the parlor
  • Rapid exit design

Dairy BarnsParallel Milking Parlor Design:

  • Cow platform is wider
  • Cows stand perpendicular to the milking operator pit
  • Shorter walking distance for milkers

Dairy BarnsRotary or Carousel Milking Parlor Design:

  • Accommodates 1,000 cows or more
  • Cleaners and milkers can stand in one location
  • High efficiency
  • Cows can enter and exit at a constant rate

Dairy BarnsVet Treating Area:

  • Can incorporate the work area between the lanes and pens
  • Allows use of a cart to hold supplies and instruments
  • Herdsmans' office
  • Freezer for colostrum
  • A heated treatment room can be provided

Dairy BarnsCow Sorting Area:

  • Promotes smooth cow movement
  • maximum safety for handlers and cows

Dairy BarnsCalving Area / Calving Pens:

We can assist with

  • head locks
  • catch gates
  • calf holding pens

Dairy BarnsCattle Loading Area:

  • Concrete areas designed to your needs including:
    • semi loading
    • trailer loading

Dairy BarnsHolding Area:

  • Parlor's design and capacity determines size
  • Efficiency in design may allow increased milk production

Dairy BarnsFeed Storage Area:

We can design and supply all your storage needs

  • Hay barns
  • Silage storage
  • Commodity barns

Dairy BarnsManure Handling:

Our Dairy Facility designs may also include

  • Manual scraping and flushing systems
  • Automatic alley scrapers
  • manure gutters
  • Sand settling pit
  • Pumps

Dairy BarnsMilking Parlors - The most important decision in the design of a dairy facility

Olympia specializes in the design of parlor systems that

  • Maximize throughput
  • Proper cow positioning
  • Milk testing area and wash vat
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Milk loading area

Single 5 milking parlor for Fresh and Treated Cows: Olympia Dairy Farm Facility Systems incorporate a separate milking area for cows that produce unmarketable milk, such as fresh and treated cows.

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