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At Olympia Steel Buildings, the customer comes first. You can trust Olympia's more than 40 years of metal building design, engineering and building construction experience to design, engineer and supply pre-engineered steel buildings and provide steel building erection and construction services. Our full turnkey building package includes steel building design, supply of pre-engineered buildings, and management and construction of the building or buildings, with all phases of development and building construction, including foundation, insulation, heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical, sheet rock, painting, doors and windows, handled by an experienced team of steel building construction specialists.

With Our Complete Turnkey Services We Handle It All.

Building design and supply. We design, engineer and supply pre-engineered steel buildings utilizing Olympia's steel frame I-beam construction.

Building Construction Services.

  • We prepare the foundation, erect the steel building, install windows, doors, gutters and downs, and install optional insulation packages. If you already have your foundation prepared, no problem – we erect the pre-engineered building on your prepared foundation.
  • We don’t stop there. With our mechanical systems option, we install all mechanical systems, including plumbing, electrical, heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation.
  • With Olympia’s complete turnkey construction services, we not only prepare the foundation, erect the steel building and install all mechanical systems, we finish the building interior, install drywall, flooring and fixtures, and complete all interior painting. We even provide optional landscaping services.

Olympia Steel Buildings Construction Services help you get the job done on time and on budget every time.

We develop the project around your building requirements and work with you to design and build a facility to fit your building needs and business plan with complete design work and provision for future expansion.

Olympia’s knowledgeable staff of pre-engineered steel building designers, engineers and building construction managers use the latest Auto CAD computer software for building and layout design. Our experience and knowledge of pre-engineered metal building construction combined with the latest technology in building today give you a building that is sustainable, cost-effective and energy efficient - and you get a beautiful building.

Our pre-engineered steel buildings are precision engineered and expertly erected to give you a “tight” building that reduces air infiltration into the building saving you on HVAC costs. And we offer 12 energy efficient colors for metal buildings that will reduce your cooling costs and come with a 40 year warranty against chipping, cracking, peeling or blistering. Because of such key features, Olympia pre-engineered steel buildings can qualify under LEED guidelines, so you know that Olympia Steel buildings are Green.

What you get.

  • Olympia’s AZ55 Galvalume PBR roof sheeting is 26 gauge, 80,000 psi and comes with a 25 year steel mill backed rust through perforation warranty
  • Stainless steel capped fasteners  - lifetime rust warranty
  • Siliconized polyester baked-on enamel paint – 40-year warranty with various colors available to suit any taste and complement any environment
  • Purlins, girts, base angles – all secondary framing – hot-dipped mill-galvanized for long-life rust protection
  • Standard at no extra cost: cable X-bracing provides enormous strength for wind protection
  • Optional accessories include: wall lights, sky lights, insulation, ridge vents, cylindrical vents, gutters and downspouts

*Services vary depending on location

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