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The Best Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Steel building systems continue to be increasingly popular for any number of business, residential, or agricultural use due largely to the ease of construction, durability and comparatively low costs to your more conventional buildings.

Steel buildings For saleOlympia Steel Buildings has over 40 years experience in the consultation, design, manufacturing and construction of steel buildings spreading across North America. Full-time engineers are on staff and licensed in all 50 US states. Combined with a team of highly qualified sales personnel, we put our heads together with our clients to come up with a building design that is perfect for your needs.

Made from 100% heavy grade steel manufactured in the US, our prefabricated steel buildings have a 25-year rust-through perforation warranty backed by the steel mills and the baked on enamel paint is warranteed for 40 years against cracking, chipping and discoloration.

Roof fasteners are complemented with neoprene washers to guard against leaks and the stainless steel caps resist rusting and retain their luster and shine. A detailed construction manual and engineered computer drawing are included with each building. A steel building construction crew can erect your building although some of our customers are quite capable and happy to raise the building themselves.

Olympia Steel Buildings ensures that all of our buildings can withstand severe weather conditions including high winds and heavy snow. The engineered design and construction of our buildings come standard with the following features:

  1. • Steel main frame I-beam construction
  2. • Galvanized purlins, girts and C-sections resistant to corrosion
  3. • Stainless steel self drilling fasteners
  4. • Choice of 12 colors for paint

Optional features include swinging doors or rollup doors, horizontal sliding windows, high grade insulation and many other accessories such as wall louvers, skylights and ridge ventilators.

Steel building, prices vary depending on the size and optional accessories that you choose, but you can be assured that a steel building costs up to 60% less in materials and construction costs than a conventional building. At any given time, Olympia Steel Buildings offers pre-made buildings at discounted prices resulting from cancelled metal building orders.

Contact one of our dedicated representatives for more information at 888-449-7756 and let Olympia Steel Buildings prove that our 40 plus years of experience will meet all of your building needs.

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