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Hurricane Proof Buildings

Hurricane Season Protection

The 2017 hurricane season was a difficult one. It was comprised of 18 total tropical storm systems worldwide, 10 of which qualified as hurricanes and 6 falling into category 3 or above. These storms brought wind speeds of up to 185 mph, and some areas received upwards of 50 inches of rainfall. Together, the storms caused more than $300 million in damage.

Hurricanes like these are more than capable of flooding and/or destroying unsecured structures, leaving you with expensive repairs to the remnants of your structure. That’s why choosing the right structure is important, and the right structure for conditions like these is steel. Olympia’s steel buildings are constructed with special roof panels that can provide the strength, durability and weatherproofing necessary to get you through hurricane season free from costly wind damage, leaks and corrosion.

Each panel is crafted using 26-gauge AZ55 Galvalume steel, capable of standing up against destructive winds. With a maximum yield of 80,000 PSI and a corrugation depth of 1¼ , Olympia panels are twice as strong as the 29-gauge, 5/8″ corrugation steel panels offered by the competition. 

Olympia’s purlin bearing roof panels are engineered with an overlapping sheet to provide total protection against leaking during heavy rain. Where the overlap is present, it runs to the base of the corrugation on the underside with the upper panel fitting snugly against it, providing two layers of protection against wind lift and resulting leakage. Compare this to the competition’s R panel system, with its overlap only covering 1/3rd of the corrugation, and you’ll see that the PRB system offers superior protection. While the PBR system’s full overlap prevents water from making its way between the panels, the R system’s partial coverage allows water to gather in the corrugation, where it can be easily forced between the overlapping panels with just a bit of strong wind.

Protecting your steel building doesn’t end when the storm ends. Corrosion and rust can ruin your investment if you choose the wrong materials or design. Olympia steel panels are 55% aluminum, which significantly increases their resistance to rust. Each panel is fitted with stainless steel screws that won’t rust, along with neoprene washers between the screws and panels, reducing damage to the steel sheeting and maintaining the integrity of the screw holes, further preventing leaking and corrosion. Each panel is also painted with a rust-resistant siliconized polyester coating. Plus, you’re covered by Olympia’s 40 year limited warranty should anything go wrong.

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