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Building Features

PBR Roof Panels

Our 26-gauge Purlin Bearing Rib panels are far stronger than the commonly used “R” roof panels.

PBR Panels

Silicone-Polyester Coating

Olympia buildings are precision coated with AkzoNobel paints, a leading producer of paints, finishes and synthetic resins for industrial applications.

Galvanized Girts, Purlins & C-Sections

All Olympia Buildings come standard with galvanized roof purlins, wall girts and c-sections to protect against rust.


Stainless Steel Capped
Self Drilling Fasteners

Engineered for rapid drilling, Olympia Steel Buildings’ self-drilling metal building fasteners resist slipping of the drill point thus minimizing surface damage.


Steel Main Frame, I-Beam Construction

Gray primer oxide is applied on main frames as protection against corrosion.

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