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Satisfied Customers
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Fantastic Experience

I had a fantastic experience with Olympia. After 6 months of dealing with another company that failed to deliver, I reached out to Olympia and got a BETTER building for the same price as the other company. It was delivered quickly with all the pieces, parts, and hardware I needed. With the prints and instructions provided, I was able to put the 25’x36’x10′ building up myself with a little help from friends and family. I’m now enjoying my third winter of parking my cars and my boat inside, and it’s GREAT! I live way up north in a heavy snow belt, and this steel beast has had more than 3 FEET of snow on it at various times and hasn’t budged a bit! I cannot recommend the building or company more highly!
Erik Newhouse

Very Impressed

I purchase a 30×40 building from Olympia Steel Bldgs and was very impressed with the whole process, from order, delivery to final construction. They referred me to a crew that were very professional and knowledgeable and gave me a great deal on insulation and labor costs. The building is extremely well constructed and I was able to add extra roll-up doors from a local vendor and it looks great! I will hopefully be able to post some pictures. If I ever move and need another building, I will be calling Olympia!
Thanks Again,
Darryl Rios

Competitive Prices

I researched numerous steel building companies before deciding to go with Olympia Steel Buildings. Their price was very competitive and I was confident that I would receive a complete building package that would be very constructable and complete. That was exactly the case. My 25 ft by 42 ft by 12ft eve building is everything I hoped for and I actually put the entire building together solo (I did have a small tractor loader that I adapted to enable me to elevate the roof beams… with just one helper this would not have been necessary). I also want to emphasize that the kit was very complete and the drawings very well done and easy to follow.
Don Littlefield

Excellent Experience

My experience with Olympia buildings was overall excellent. The salesman worked with me to make some small modifications to an overstock building they had and made me a great deal on the product. The building does NOT come with plans for foundation because this is dependent on the location, soil conditions, grade, etc of your installation. You will need to get these items addressed locally in order to comply with building codes. The detailed plans did contain enough information for me to create templates for and correctly locate all the anchor bolts and door opening sills in the foundation. The erection manual was straight forward and easy to follow. The building arrived as scheduled and the truck driver even helped me unload it. You WILL need a substantial forklift to unload the building parts. The materials were well crated and no trim, gutters, or other small parts were damaged. There was a bit of minor damage on the roof panels that occurred in transit but this did not impact the installation or integrity of the building. There was enough of each type of bolt required although we ended up buying a lot of extra washers just to make sure the load was distributed when all the bolts were torqued. The precision of the stamping and drilling of all parts was fine, all the parts went together without much hassle. We erected all the structural frame materials ourselves with a “gin pole” which I welded together to fit in my front-loader bucket. I ended up hiring a guy to put the skin on but that went smoothly without any issues. A bit of modification was required for the walk door but that was accomplished with a circular saw with metal cut off blade and step drill. You do need to have several people with reasonable construction skills to build this building yourself. Overall, I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend Olympia to anyone – the quality of the materials was excellent and the precision of manufacture was also very good. We love this building.
S Shepherd

Olympia Came Through

We purchased our building several years ago and have erected it ourselves with no prior experience. While putting up a 100×80 might not recommended to the general public, the instructions were complete and easy to follow. They do not explain in what order so beware of that, but a few adjustments and we got it up just right.

Everything down to the last pop-rivet and nut came with the kit, and was all properly labeled and bagged for use. As far as the building itself, it performs flawlessly and we have seen no leaks, gaps or changes in any of the joints/tin.

If you are interested in purchasing one, please take time and make sure you understand exactly what you are getting – the salesman walked us through it very thoroughly and we are very happy with the results – if you have any questions, ask! Once it is up/shipped to your door it is hard to change.

Our building has done exactly what we designed it to do, with no troubles and Olympia came through just as they claimed with cheerful and helpful people.
Natasha & Jordan Paris