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Standing Seam Roof

Roof Performance

Trapezoidal Panels

Presenting a groundbreaking standing seam roof that combines an attractive look with the best wind and water resistance available.

The patented Zeus-Shield panel system’s technology offers considerable benefits to the roof designer, roof installer, contractor and building owner.

Assured Weather Resistance

With Zeus-Shield technology, the sealant is protected from severe seam stresses during high wind uplift because of its position within the seam. And the patented panel clip provides even greater air and water resistance, because it doesn’t interfere with the sidelap sealant seal.

Fool-Proof Seaming

Say goodbye to damaged panels from seamers that run off-course. With the Zeus-Shield roof system, even inexperienced operator with little or no training can easily accomplish a good seam – because our seam is larger by design, allowing the seamer to lock onto the seam and stay locked until the seam is finished.

Seam All at Once

Unlike other systems on the market, the Zeus-Shield roof system does not require seaming as each individual panel is installed. This is because the panel seam is partially formed automatically as the panels are placed, allowing seaming to be accomplished after the entire roof has been installed. The result is a roof that is installed quickly, efficiently and without costly wear and tear caused by excess traffic along the unfinished roof.

Roof Seam

A new approach to roof performance was necessary due to new requirements in wind uplift resistance and testing methods. Other manufacturers came up with “band-aid” solutions by refitting their existing roof systems. But we invested in a totally new patented technology and method designed to meet and exceed the new requirements.

This new system allows an attractive appearance without compromising superior wind and water resistance. This technology is the reason why our metal roofs are the best in the industry for performance, reliability and cost efficiency.

Our proven, patented seam provides superior wind and weather protection under all roof loading conditions. The seam geometry and seaming methods virtually assure that your installed roof will perform as it was designed at minimum cost.

The TripLok™ seam is accomplished by seaming the entire seam with an electrical seamer. This seam will provide an allowable wind uplift loading of 48psf*.

  1. It’s the only seam on the market to use the 360° + 90° seam, which:
    • structurally isolates the seam from the effects of severe wind loading by placing load resisting bends between the seam and the stresses of panel deflection.
    • eliminates the possibility of seam sealant dislodgment or separation during severe wind loading, thereby assuring a water resistant seam throughout the life of the roof.
  2. For fool-proof installation all that is required is the placement of an electrical seaming machine on the seam to begin the seaming process. It’s virtually impossible for the seamer to run off the seam until it comes to the end of the panel or is removed by the operator.

While only required in extreme high wind regions, such as coastal regions, the QuadLok™ seam is accomplished by seaming special roof zones with an electrical seamer. This seam allows uplift loads of 63 psf*, (or 97 psf over 2’6″ purlin spacing).

Using the QuadLock seam, coastal regions with high winds won’t need exterior clamps and brackets to meet the Zone III uplift loads.

The QuadLok seam is the only seam on the market that provides higher uplift resistance with 24 gauge panel than all other roof systems using 22 gauge panels.

8 when seamed with a 24 gauge panel over 5’0″ purlin spacing

All of the above seams and load tolerances are calculated using ASTM E 1952 tests.

Wind Load

The Zeus Shield system is specified to the highest wind load seaming requirements (ZONE III) for the whole roof area. This allows the total roof area to be completed with the same seaming method for maximum uplift performance. It’s not necessary to change purlin spacing, panel thickness or to install clips over the seam, thereby saving you costs on both materials and installation time.

  1. Zone I: LOWEST LOAD – main field of the roof (about 80% of total roof surface)
  2. Zone II: INERMEDIATE LOAD – area around the perimeter of the roof (about 15% of total roof surface)
  3. Zone III: HIGHTEST LOAD – at each corner of the roof (about 5% of the total roof surface)

Other systems handle different wind load zones by either:

  • Reduced purlin spacing at higher zone roof area
  • Thicker panel material
  • Reduced widths in the panels
  • Exterior clamps over the panel seams

Our roof system efficiently utilizes two seaming shapes to accommodate all three roof zones. The shapes are formed in the field after the roof panels have been installed, meeting precise roof wind loading requirements for each roof zone without added materials or altering panel/purlin placement.

End Result

The Zeus Shield Metal Roof System – Reliable, Attractive and Cost-Efficient

Our patented Zeus Shield metal roof system accommodates all three roof zones – simply and efficiently – meeting precise roof wind loading requirements for each roof zone without added materials or altering panel or purlin placement. In almost every case, your entire roofing system is accomplished with one consistent purlin spacing, one panel size and one clip throughout making the Zeus Shield metal roof system reliable, attractive and cost effective.


Revolutionary UltraRidge Stops LEAKS and Eliminates CALLBACKS

Some ridge details on standing seam roofs, both large and small, are in danger because of thermal conditions. Most eventually begin to fail or leak through which causes numerous call backs to repair the leaks to solve the problem.

We Now Have a Solution

UltraRidge is a stationary ridge cap providing a fixed eave roof system to float underneath the ridge flashing. Using a silicone membrane that is flexible, the ridge is watertight and impervious to adverse weather conditions, especially exposure to ultra violet rays.

Designed to Allow for 6″ Thermal Movement 3″ Uphill and 3″ Downhill

Movement restriction is only prevented by the roof panels’ clip allowance. Zeus-Shield roof system clips have a 3″ movement. UltraRidge can easily adapt to a longer slide clip travel without affected the basic package.

Designed to easily repair and resolve existing ridge material, simply remove the existing ridge cover and old sealant, install the adjustable cross supports upon which the system rests and install the UltraRidge in the standard manner.

Energy Efficient Roofing

Considered to be a collective group of sustainable, energy efficient roofing products, cool metal roofing for metal building systems is made up of unpainted and pre-painted metal finishes. “Cool” metal roofing comes in a variety of colours, finishes, profiles and textures for both steep and low slope roofing systems.

The roof has the most impact on the use of energy in any building, including a metal building system or pre-engineered steel building.

The “coolness” of a cool metal roof is measured by the roof’s reflectivity and emissivity. Demonstrating with the diagram to the right, when the sun’s rays shines on a roof surface, up to 70% of the radiation is reflected off the surface. Less heat is transferred to the building’s interior thereby keeping it cooler. So this means that a high reflectivity and emittance value will remain cooler and less heat is transferred into the building, unlike an asphalt shingle roof system.

Metal roof systems for steel buildings from the mill have a very high solar reflectance but also limited in its emittance. To offer the high total solar reflectance and high infrared emittance, a pre-painted organic coating is applied to the metal roof and oven-cured. This gives the roof total solar reflectance and high infrared emittance even with dark colours – almost as high as 90%!

Energy Savings up to 40%

You can save up to 40% in heating and cooling costs because reflective roofs lower cooling loads which helps reduce energy consumption. This was reported by the Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Containing ceramic infrared reflective pigments, ZEUS-SHIELD Roof Panels include Trinar® Cool Chemistry® Series. The pigments are designed to reflect infrared energy while still absorbing visible light energy. This design allows the panels to remain the same colour yet stay much cooler because these painted metal roofs retain 9%% of their reflectance and emittance over time.

End Result

The end result is a strong, sturdy, long-lasting material that reduces energy and helps to alleviate urban heat island (UHI) effects.

Roof Colors

TRINAR® (KYNAR 500®/HYLAR 5000®) Limited Warranty

Akzo Nobel warrants that TRINAR (KYNAR 500/HYLAR 5000) covered by this warranty will conform to the performance standards as listed below.

  1. For 35 years, TRINAR (KYNAR 500/HYLAR 5000) will not peel, flake or otherwise lose adhesion to an extent that is apparent on ordinary outdoor visual observation.
  2. For 35 years, roof panels of TRINAR will not chalk more than a number eight (8) rating when measured per ASTM D 4214, Method A.
  3. For 35 years, roof panels of TRINAR (KYNAR 500/HYLAR 5000) will not change color more than five (5) E (delta E) Hunter units when measured per ASTM D 2244 on clean surfaces after removing dirt, other surface deposits and chalk per ASTM 3964.

Cool Metal Roof Colors*

Note: Every effort has been made to display colors accurately, however, colors shown may differ from actual colors due to variations in color monitors and web page displays. Call for our brochure to view color swatches: 1-888-449-7756

Standing Seam Roof Colors

Panel Profiles

The patented ZEUS-Shield Metal Roof System consists of three roof panel profiles.

  1. ZS-T24 predominately for low pitch roof applications up to 3/12 pitch.
  2. ZS-A16 Architectural designed series for steeper single or double sloped rectangular areas.
  3. ZS-A18 Architectural designed series for steeper single or double sloped rectangular areas.

The patented ZEUS-Shield Metal Roof System has earned the following recognized certifications and listings:

  • Underwriters Laboratories UL-90 Classification Construction No. 506
  • Factory Mutual Class 1-90 and 1-165 Listing
  • Corps of Engineers CEGS 07416 uplift Test
  • ASTM E 1592 Uplift Test (three tests each span each gauge)
  • ASTM E 1680 Air Infiltration
  • ASTM E 1646 Water Leakage

The ZEUS-Shield Metal Roof Panel System has been tested and certified by independent testing agencies and laboratories and achieved the loads and listings shown in the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. chart below:

metal roof panels

ASTM E 1680 Air Infiltration all seams 24″ wide panels = .0005 CFM/sq.ft

ASTM E 1680 Air Infiltration all seams 16″ wide panels = .005 CFM/sq.ft

ASTM E 1646 Water Leakage all seams 16″, 18″ & 24″ wide panels = None at 12 psf

  • The above tabulated loads are generated from ASTM E-1592 testing
  • Design loads contain a safety factor of calculated per AISI
  • COE design load contains a 1.65 safety factor per COE 07416
  • Allowable wind uplift loads have not been increased by 33% as allowed by some codes when wind load controls

ZEUS-SHIELD roof system and its components are covered by US Patent numbers 5,692,352 – 5,737,894 – 6,301,853 B1 and other patents pending.

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