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The American Iron and Steel Institute

The American Iron and Steel Institute

The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) is one of the professional associations of steel producers in North America.

United States Steel Corporation

The United States Steel Corporation, often referred to as U.S. Steel, is one of the top steel producers in the world. The company has operations in the U.S., Central Europe, and Canada. As of 2010, U.S. Steel was the 13th largest steel manufacturer in the world.

steel tower skyline

Andrew Carnegie and Steel Rails


Andrew Carnegie is known for many things. This Scottish American inventor and industrialist was a great philanthropist, giving away nearly 90 percent of his wealth. He also led the expansion of the U.S. steel industry. One of his biggest contributions to the world was his method of cheaply and efficiently mass producing steel rails for the growing railroad industry.

Weirton Steel

The Old Weirton Steel Mill

Weirton, West Virginia, may not be known for much today, but during the 1900s, it was known for its steel production. It was the home of the old Weirton Steel Mill, the main mill of the Weirton Steel Corporation.

Beautiful American Bridges

Famous Steel Bridges in the U.S.

Steel is often used to build bridges, especially large bridges, because of how strong and durable it is. A bridge, especially a large one, must be able to handle a huge amount of weight, and there are few other construction materials out there that can hold up as much as steel can. Here are a few of the most famous bridges that are made out of steel.

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A Guide to the History of the Steel Industry

History of the Steel Industry

railroad to trasnport steel

In the grand scheme of things, steel just burst onto the scene.  It’s been around since the 1850s, which makes it over 150 years old, but that’s fairly young when compared to iron and other metals.  But regardless of its age, the metal revolutionized industry and affected almost every aspect of day to day life.

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