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Buying a Steel Building in Ohio

Ohio is the land of choices and options. That extends to steel buildings too. No matter the purpose, no matter… [Read More…]

High-quality Metal Buildings in West Virginia

At Olympia Steel Buildings, we do more than just design structures. We partner with our West Virginia clients to create… [Read More…]

Buildings on a Budget

As much as steel buildings are the most cost effective building options available, it is still a pretty big investment… [Read More…]

How to Buy A Steel Building in PA

Steel buildings are sturdy and beautiful. They last for decades, come in a many different colors, and are easy to… [Read More…]

Why Are Steel Buildings Popular?

Steel is becoming an increasingly vital material in today‚Äôs construction industry. From large commercial buildings to truck garages, many buildings… [Read More…]

Steel Building Increases – Lock in Your Price Today

Huge tariffs against Chinese, Japanese, Korean, European and Brazillian steel mills have caused American steel mills to sharply increase prices… [Read More…]

Concrete or Steel?

Concrete or steel? If you’re planning a new structure, you’ve likely wondered which is best suited to serve your needs…. [Read More…]

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Save Money By Choosing Steel for Your Next Building

Steel buildings cost less to build than their wooden counterparts. Their design is handled via computer software, reducing the time… [Read More…]


California is currently experiencing the third largest wildfire in the state’s history, spanning more than 267,500 acres. High winds of… [Read More…]

Livestock Storage Considerations

Farmers typically opt for the standard wood-frame buildings because at the outset, the initial costs of wood buildings seem lower… [Read More…]

Staying Moisture Free

Moisture from Leaks and Condensation With a steel building, moisture can become problematic. The smallest exterior leak can lead to… [Read More…]

Hurricane Proof Buildings

Hurricane Season Protection The 2017 hurricane season was a difficult one. It was comprised of 18 total tropical storm systems… [Read More…]

Growing Legal Marijuana

Let’s start with the basics. The success of any commercial growing operation scales with its available space. You can select… [Read More…]

My Steel Building After Irma’s Eye Passed

“I purchased my Olympia Steel building early this year. On September 10, 2017, the eye of Hurricane Irma passed directly… [Read More…]

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DIY or Contractor?

The good thing about steel buildings is that they’re meant to be put up with simple DIY methods but that… [Read More…]

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