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Weirton Steel

The Old Weirton Steel Mill

Weirton, West Virginia, may not be known for much today, but during the 1900s, it was known for its steel production. It was the home of the old Weirton Steel Mill, the main mill of the Weirton Steel Corporation.

Beautiful American Bridges

Famous Steel Bridges in the U.S.

Steel is often used to build bridges, especially large bridges, because of how strong and durable it is. A bridge, especially a large one, must be able to handle a huge amount of weight, and there are few other construction materials out there that can hold up as much as steel can. Here are a few of the most famous bridges that are made out of steel.

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A Guide to the History of the Steel Industry

History of the Steel Industry

railroad to trasnport steel

In the grand scheme of things, steel just burst onto the scene.  It’s been around since the 1850s, which makes it over 150 years old, but that’s fairly young when compared to iron and other metals.  But regardless of its age, the metal revolutionized industry and affected almost every aspect of day to day life.

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Rock and Brews Paia

Rock & Brews, Pa’ia, Hawaii rock and brews paia logo History

The Rock & Brews chain of restaurants was founded by Dave Furano, a rock and roll concert promoter who had worked with some of the biggest names in the business.

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How Stretching and Squeezing Steel Improves Its Strength and Durability

How Stretching and Squeezing Steel Improves Its Strength and Durability

People have been using steel for centuries, but new and improved methods of manufacturing the metal continue to be found. Today’s steel is much stronger, more durable, and lighter than ever before, but new techniques are still being discovered.

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Decorating with Steel

Decorating with Steel

Have you ever considered decorating with steel? Most people think of steel as ugly beams that are used to hold up buildings, but steel can actually be shaped into just about anything, including very beautiful pieces of art. Steel has a very unique look that can be used to create some very pretty pieces of art.

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