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Why Are Steel Buildings Popular?

Steel is becoming an increasingly vital material in today’s construction industry. From large commercial buildings to truck garages, many buildings rely on steel for their strength and integrity. According to the World Steel Association, over 50% of the steel produced today is used in building and infrastructure. So, why is demand for steel so high in the construction industry? And what are the benefits of steel buildings? We’ve put together a few reasons to help you get to grips with this versatile material.

1. Steel is relatively affordable and cost-effective

Many people are surprised at the low cost of steel buildings. Say, for example, you’re hoping to construct some affordable new living quarters you can rent out to vacationers. A steel barndominium represents the perfect solution, offering inexpensive startup costs that will draw enticing profits in the long term.

Even better, steel barns and living quarters are typically cheaper to maintain than wooden alternatives. Why? Firstly, insurance cover is often lower for steel buildings, as they’re great at withstanding events such as fires and floods. Secondly, steel buildings are easy to insulate and more energy-efficient than those made from other materials. In the long-term, you could save heaps of money on your energy bills. Finally, steel buildings are less susceptible to problems such as pests and mold, meaning you won’t have to cover remediation costs every few months.

2. Steel buildings are quick to construct

In today’s fast-paced world, building developers are more eager than ever to finish projects within tight timeframes. This is where prefabricated steel comes in. Assembling a steel building is quicker and simpler than constructing a building made from wood or brick, meaning you’ll need fewer people on-site to complete the job. In fact, many steel building owners are capable of putting the construction together by themselves – no workmen needed!

3. Steel constructions are incredibly durable

Steel-framed buildings are engineered to stand straight and withstand wear and tear for many years. While wooden frames are susceptible to sagging or loosening, steel frames can withstand everything from extreme weather to accidental knocks. If you’re hoping to avoid costly repairs and ensure your building stays standing for the foreseeable future, steel represents the perfect construction material.

4. Steel is one of the most eco-friendly building materials

Steel is recyclable and is often produced using recycled materials. As such, it’s one of the most eco-friendly materials on the market. As the world wakes up to the consequences of climate change, an increasing number of homeowners and construction professionals are looking to steel to help reduce their carbon footprint and save trees from deforestation.

5. Steel buildings don’t produce much waste

Steel pre-fabrication processes are incredibly meticulous and precise. Thanks to cutting-edge construction software, steel building designers can ensure that every inch of steel delivered to clients will get used. Furthermore, if a few scraps of metal are left over, builders can recycle them quickly and efficiently.

6. Steel looks great

Most steel buildings offer a minimalist or modern esthetic that has become very trendy in the past few years. At the same time, steel is supremely versatile, allowing designers to inject a more traditional or homey feel into the building if desired. It’s also super easy to add a range of design features to a steel building, such as:

  • Wall accessories
  • Light panels
  • Roof accessories such as curbs and vents
  • Different kinds of windows and frames
  • A range of gutter and downspouts

Forget rickety wooden structures or old-fashioned barns – steel is the future of stylish design!

7. Steel is consistent and safe

As you may be aware, wood is a notoriously inconsistent material. Depending on the species, age, health, and growing condition of the tree, wood may be relatively weak or structurally compromised. With steel, you can rest assured that it has been manufactured to fulfil stringent industry regulations and will provide strength and reliability. If you need durability and safety, steel is the way to go.

8. Steel is easy to clean

Steel buildings can be cleaned in a matter of minutes using a pressure washer or even a humble sponge. Thanks to its wipe-clean nature, steel is the perfect choice for people who appreciate low-maintenance buildings.

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As you can see, steel is one of the construction industry’s most valuable tools. If you’re looking to construct a commercial building, a garage, or a luxurious barndominium, we’re here to help. Visit our homepage for a free, no-obligation price estimate or get in touch on 1-888-449-7756. One of our friendly advisers will happily discuss your vision and individual requirements.

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