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Growing Legal Marijuana

Let’s start with the basics. The success of any commercial growing operation scales with its available space. You can select the ideal lighting, ventilation, security system and seeds, but a small space will ultimately limit the potential output of your operation. So, before you dig into more complex considerations like equipment and horticulture, you need to start with space.

At first, an outdoor grow may seem like the most cost-effective option to maximize space. Natural sunlight removes the costs associated with artificial lighting and ventilation, and nature provides plenty of space to grow. However, it’s important to recognize that outdoor operations aren’t legal in every state, and where they are, they carry plenty of risk. For instance, cannabis production relies on a consistently suitable climate. Cannabis plants are as fragile as they are profitable. You’ll need ample exposure to the light from hot, sunny days to go along with warm nights and low humidity. At best, this means that some locations will offer ideal conditions some of the time, limiting both yield and quality. Outdoor grows also force you to contend with the elements; damaging winds, drought, heavy rain storms and annoying pests can harm crops and increase your operation costs. Finally, even provided the perfect location and conditions, your output will still be limited by nature’s seasonality. An indoor operation, on the other hand, allows complete control over the conditions required to maximize quality and yield. Indoor grows boast artificial lighting with temperature and humidity control; perfect for year-round production uninhibited by the elements or the seasons. That means that you can grow as much as you’d like as often as you’d like without having to worry about nature’s willingness to cooperate. Indoor production also allows you to grow what you like; specifically the high quality cannabis strains that customers prefer. Indoor-grown plants are often superior in flavor, aesthetic and condition, and manipulations in CO2 exposure can result in THC levels superior to those possible in outdoor-grown plants. Indoor grows also come with the added benefit of increased security. Cannabis is a valuable crop. You’ll want to be able to protect your investment. You’ll also need to comply with your state’s regulations for monitoring your crops. Structures equipped with video surveillance and security alarm systems are superior to outdoor operations for every security need. But what about space? Renting enough indoor space can be expensive, and those rates are often increased for controversial uses like growing cannabis. We suggest setting up your own space. Olympia offers custom-made, prefabricated steel building that are cost-effective and easy to assemble, and perfect for a cannabis operation building. There’s no limit on size, so there will be no limit on your profit. We’ll work with you to accommodate your particular business needs.   For more information on our steel buildings, call us at 1-888- 449-7756.  

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