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2017 at a Glance

It should go without saying that steel buildings have tons of positive attributes to consider when making the decision on whether or not to purchase one. When put up against more traditional building materials like wood or brick, prefab steel is always going to be one of the best options you can go for! As more companies become aware of environmental issues in 2017, they are also making more decisions that reflect that. That, among other things, is an important draw to the use of prefab steel structures. Here are just a few of the reasons why steel buildings are the perfect option for 2017 and beyond.


Thanks to years of experience, our buildings are designed (and can be further customized) to meet a whole host of local building codes. No matter where you go in Canada, there will always be specific rules about where you’re allowed to build, how large a building can be and so much more. We are well aware of the details and procedures required in order to be approved. Getting this figured out quickly and efficiently means not only that your project can get started sooner rather than later, but there won’t be any delays during the process either!


Prefab steel is one of the most affordable building material options on the market, thanks to many short and long-term cost savings that puts money back in your pocket. When it comes to upfront costs, the price you pay for your steel building kit will be around 30% less than the cost of buying raw materials to put up a structure of the same size and layout. The construction process will also be cheaper since you’ll need less labour to complete it – and for a shorter period of time. In the long run, your utility and maintenance costs will be much less as well; since steel’s natural insulation means the structure will be better at regulating the interior temperature and also thanks to the material’s ability to stay strong for much longer without fixes or repairs.


Wood is an example of a building material that is largely inconsistent, namely because no two trees are ever the same. Even within the same tree type, the wood outputs might be different from one tree to another. Everything from the tree’s age, location, species, insect infestation history and more will affect the quality of wood that is produced after being logged. With steel, there is no room for error during production. It is produced using the same methods and processes that make the strong, durable material we all know and love. The steel we use at Olympia is manufactured to the highest industry standards and is one of the reasons you are guaranteed to not have any surprise problems later on.


Unlike other materials such as wood, prefab steel doesn’t rely on the use of chemicals to keep pests or moisture at bay, since it already naturally does this. Termiticides are indoor pollutants and can negatively affect air quality. Steel is also incapable of breeding mold or mildew, other things that can have a big effect on the air quality and people who are sensitive to airborne allergens.

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