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At Home in a Steel Building

Steel buildings are most commonly associated with industrial and business applications. From warehouses and commercial buildings to agricultural storage and aircraft hangars, steel gets a lot of use facilitating business needs as companies grow and expand. What you may not realize, though, is that a growing number of our customers are also choosing steel buildings to serve as their homes. Offering a mix of affordability, flexibility, limited maintenance and vastly improved interior and exterior styling, steel structures are quickly becoming a staple of the residential building world. Let’s look at some of the reasons that you should be considering steel for your home. Cost This is typically the number one consideration for new home buyers. The good news is that steel offers affordability unmatched by traditional home construction materials. On average, material costs are up to 30% cheaper at the outset. Add to this that steel is durable and reliable, outlasting traditional building materials like wood, which requires endless repair and replacement as it ages and corrodes. The one-time nature of the cost of a steel building easily makes it far more affordable in the long run, and you want your home to last. To that end, steel buildings like ours come with extensive long-term warranties. Plus, choosing a durable steel home helps reduce home insurance costs, as well, considering that you are the owner of a building less likely to require repair to damage than traditional structures. Prefabricated steel buildings also cut out a lot of the time and effort required in a traditional home build because everything is made ready to assemble with less effort and manpower. With steel, your build will avoid all of the unpredictable, costly and time-consuming alterations of traditional home construction. Durability Traditional wood structures run into a lot of issues. Termites and other wood-boring insects can cause extensive and expensive damage to walls and roofs. Leaks and condensation can rot wooden surfaces and over time develop mold and mildew. Strong winds, hail and lightning can damage a wooden home’s exterior. Hurricane force winds can destroy it entirely. Disaster events like fires and earthquakes are known to leave very little home left behind to live in. But what if your home was immune to pests, moisture, weather, fire and natural disasters? Well, with steel, it can be. Issues that apply to wood like pests and fire simply don’t apply to the metal walls and roofing of prefabricated steel buildings. And without wood to rot and decay from moisture buildup, there is no risk of mold and mildew. Weather? Please. Steel buildings are build to withstand hurricane force winds and earthquakes with little to no damage incurred. Maintenance Owning a home is time consuming and expensive. For new home owners especially, it can be daunting to learn and handle all that is necessary to keep a home functioning and in good repair. With steel, new home owners don’t have to worry about issues common to traditional homes; moisture, weather, rot and pests, as covered previously, but also will be required to perform less general maintenance to address durability and aesthetic appeal of exterior surfaces. For instance, while a wood structure often requires annual repainting and resealing from wear and tear, steel’s exterior paint is known to last for decades. And while a traditional roof may wear down and require shingle repair and replacement, or may buckle and fail entirely under the weight of snow and ice, the strength and durability of steel makes it more capable to make it through the winter damage-free, which means less cost and less hassle for you. So, if you’re in the market for a new home and you haven’t considered steel, now is the time. Call us at 1-888-449-7756 and learn how our C-Channel style steel buildings are the perfect choice for you.

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