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Excellent Experience

My experience with Olympia buildings was overall excellent. The salesman worked with me to make some small modifications to an overstock building they had and made me a great deal on the product. The building does NOT come with plans for foundation because this is dependent on the location, soil conditions, grade, etc of your installation. You will need to get these items addressed locally in order to comply with building codes. The detailed plans did contain enough information for me to create templates for and correctly locate all the anchor bolts and door opening sills in the foundation. The erection manual was straight forward and easy to follow. The building arrived as scheduled and the truck driver even helped me unload it. You WILL need a substantial forklift to unload the building parts. The materials were well crated and no trim, gutters, or other small parts were damaged. There was a bit of minor damage on the roof panels that occurred in transit but this did not impact the installation or integrity of the building. There was enough of each type of bolt required although we ended up buying a lot of extra washers just to make sure the load was distributed when all the bolts were torqued. The precision of the stamping and drilling of all parts was fine, all the parts went together without much hassle. We erected all the structural frame materials ourselves with a “gin pole” which I welded together to fit in my front-loader bucket. I ended up hiring a guy to put the skin on but that went smoothly without any issues. A bit of modification was required for the walk door but that was accomplished with a circular saw with metal cut off blade and step drill. You do need to have several people with reasonable construction skills to build this building yourself. Overall, I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend Olympia to anyone – the quality of the materials was excellent and the precision of manufacture was also very good. We love this building.
S Shepherd

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