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Why Going Conventional Might Not Be For You

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With construction, you’ll always have a few choices in terms of the kind of building to use in order to get the final result you’re looking for. There are all kinds of materials and methods available to you to complete your project that can be broken down most simply between prefab steel buildings and more conventional structures. Conventional structures include brick buildings, concrete and wood structures that have been the go-to type of construction for years and years. There are plenty of reasons why prefab steel is actually the much better option for most, if not all, of your most pressing construction projects! The first step in understanding if prefab steel is right for you is knowing exactly how you want your building to turn out and what you’re going to need it for. Here are just a few of the ways that prefab steel wins out over conventional construction materials and methods.


With much of the fabrications happening at the factory prior to its arrival at your job site, the rest of the project can be put together rather quickly in about a third of the time it might take a conventional building project. From the point of purchase, you can have the structure delivered and completed within 6 – 8 weeks of that. Conventional buildings leave you with the task of measuring, cutting, and bolting all of the parts exclusively at the job site. Sometimes, the project can take anywhere from 6 – 8 months depending on the size of the building you’re putting up and what extra features you’re looking to include.


In terms of quality, Olympia prefabricated buildings are partially constructed under strict supervision in a controlled environment, ensuring that the output is always the same with each and every building kit. Our raw materials come from only a very small number of sources, so there’s not much room for variance or mistakes since the process will be largely the same each and every time. With raw materials in conventional buildings, there’s usually no surefire way of ensuring the quality of all the parts, especially since they will likely be coming from all different places.


When many people think of steel buildings, they picture a rigid, industrial type structure that doesn’t give much wiggle room for flexible design but this isn’t the case at all. All the parts of a prefab steel building are modular in nature, meaning they can be customized to fit whatever it is you’re looking for in a building. While conventional structures give you the ability to create a custom building as well, it’s much more labor-intensive as well as something that cannot be changed easily later on; unlike steel buildings which makes renovation much easier in case your needs change over time.


A big advantage that prefab steel buildings have over conventional buildings is the difference in how much maintenance one will require over the other. While more conventional structures might need regular repairs, cleanings, painting and more, prefab steel’s biggest benefit is the fact that you will likely need little to no maintenance of your structure beyond regular inspections and periodic cleaning.

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