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Keep It Clean

Easily one of the top qualities about prefab steel buildings is the fact that they require such little maintenance in order to stay in good shape! Making sure your steel building stays in excellent condition requires much less in the way of repairs and fixes, although regular inspections are recommended! Another part in keeping your prefab steel structure in great shape is simply keeping it clean!

Washing your building on some type of regular basis is very integral to keeping your building not only looking great but in optimal functional shape as well. Things like grime and dirt buildup can have a negative effect on your structure in the long run. Steel might be quite strong, but these materials – like dirt, grease, mineral deposits or even standing water – can cause your steel building to oxidize much faster than it might on its own. It’s important to keep your steel building clean and in good shape so that you’re able to use it for years to come until you’re ready to move on or perhaps renovate. Here are just a few things to consider for keeping your prefab steel building clean!

How Often?

There’s no set rule about how often you need to clean your steel building, but a good rule of thumb is to do it every 6 months to stay on top of it. The most optimal times to do this are going to be the fall and springtime so you can get much of the seasonal debris off of your structure from fallen leaves and twigs to an excess of water residue left from heavy rains. If your structure is in a location where it might constantly be exposed to salt water or harsh chemicals, you might have to boost it to 3 or 4 times a year since these damaging elements can wreak havoc a little bit more quickly

Making Preparations

Cleaning something might seem like a no-brainer but there are things you should do before you get into the nitty gritty of washing your structure to make sure that it’s done the right way. Be sure to move any large objects from around your structure so that they aren’t in the way while you’re cleaning. Cover any plants you might have close by as well if you’re going to be using any kind of cleaning agent or detergent. A large tarp should do the trick! Make sure any openings to the inside of your structure are closed securely and be sure to protect any exterior electrical elements like outlets, lights or gas meters so you don’t have any potential issues with them coming into contact with water.

Start Washing!

One of the best ways to get the best washing of your building done is by using a power washer in order to blast the dirt and grime off the roof and sides of your structure. Before you get to the power washing though, you should pre-soak your building with the lowest setting or use a regular hose, and then use a mild detergent and water mix to soap up specific areas. Be sure to work from top to bottom to make it a bit easier for you, and focus on the areas with considerable amounts of buildup. Don’t hesitate to scrub a little bit, especially if your structure is in a location that is particularly muddy all the time. When you’re rinsing the building off, make sure you stay 3 feet away from the building at all times.

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