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Mancave Guide

mancave tv

A Guide to What to Incorporate into your Mancave

The mancave: this relatively new term is used to describe that metal building you turned into a pool hall, bar, video game room, or anything else “manly.” Men escape to them, while wives usually tolerate them because it keeps him out of trouble. If you’re putting together your own mancave, what are you going to incorporate into it? Here are a few ideas.

  • A TV. A really big TV! Don’t forget the surround sound speakers.
  • And no TV would be complete without a Blu-ray player, Roku, or other device that can stream Netflix and such.
  • A video game console. Most men like to play video games, and whether it’s Call of Duty or Final Fantasy, you’re going to need a video game console or three to play them on. Of course, it should be one of the newest consoles, too. Don’t forget the extra controllers for tournaments and a wireless headset if you’re going to play games online with others.
  • If you game on the computer, you’ll want an awesome desk and at least two monitors. An amazing computer is also a necessity, of course!
  • Don’t forget computer gaming accessories like a headset, gaming mouse, and game pad.
  • A comfortable sofa or recliner. Remember to have space for other guys, especially if you have the biggest TV in your circle of friends. A good, comfortable sofa is a must.
  • A refrigerator. Even if it’s just a mini-fridge, you need a place to keep your beverage of choice cold. You don’t want to have to walk to the kitchen every time you need a drink, do you? Bonus points if you can arrange it so your fridge is close enough to your recliner or sofa so that you don’t have to get up to get a drink!
  • A shelf or small cabinet to stash your snacks for game day or for movies.
  • Blackout curtains. These are necessary if your TV is opposite a window. Otherwise, the glare is going to bother you every time you go to watch something or play a video game during the day.
  • A good gaming table. Whether it’s for poker or Dungeons and Dragons, you’ll need a good table to use. If you’re not into playing tabletop games, you can always use it to hold your snacks, pizza, etc.
  • Memorabilia, decorations, etc. It’s YOUR mancave—decorate it however you want! But make sure it reflects your interests and personality. The mancave is your part of the house to do with as you please, so don’t hold back.

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