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Reference Program

Submit a Google Review and become a member of Olympia’s Reference Program

Join Our Reference Program!

Google Instructions:

  1. Make sure your signed in to your gmail account
  2. Click the button -> Write a review
  3. On the right you will see “Olympia Steel Buildings” with a map to the right of it.
  4. Below this it will say “Reviews”
  5. To the right of that click on the box that says “Write a review”
  6. Please complete the form, and rate us with the star system.

Detailed reviews would be appreciated.
Thanks for your business!

As an extra bonus for joining our referrral program, when you purchase your next building you will receive a special reduced price on that building purchase.

Yes, please enroll me in the referral program.

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Wait! There Are More Bonuses

With your permission we would like to refer a prospective customer in your area to call you or if possible look at your building. If they call you and we sell the customer a building you would receive a $100 bonus and if they see your building and we sell them you would receive a $200 bonus.

You simply give our company the name of the person who called you or the name of the person who visited you and once he is sold the bonus check will arrive the following week.

Give us permission by simply checking the box below. An Olympia customer service representative will contact you with further details.

Yes, I will allow customers to call or visit my property to see my building.


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