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The final price of your steel building will ultimately come from a handful of things working in tandem to make sure you have the exact building you’re looking for. Consider what customizations and add-ons you are likely to include with your structure and go from there, but the initial cost of the structure itself will always take a few things into consideration before you even get to that point. Here are just a few of the things you should remember a prefab company and contractor will take into consideration when pricing your next steel building!

Your Budget

No matter what stage you’re at in the process of putting up your steel building, you will likely have discussed your own budget and the cost you’d like to stay under based on the funding you’re able to get for the project. By being open about what you can afford to spend, these companies will likely let you know what will be possible for the price range you’re looking for, and start to create their idea around your initial amount. This will help make it much easier to narrow down what they can do, and separate it from the things that would be too far out of your price range.

Similar Past Projects

For a contractor, they will likely think about projects they’ve erected in the past that bears a close resemblance to the one you’re currently looking to build. By going by that precedence, it makes it easier to set specific kinds of standards to simplify the design and build process for future clients. While no two buildings or projects are the same, there can often be enough similarities to make the entire process easier to anticipate.

Site Location

Not all job sites are created equal, and this will also be an important consideration when coming up with the costs of your structure. The location and condition of the job site can affect everything from the ease of installation to how long it will take, so factors like the soil condition, wildlife, utility and road access will all play a part in determining what the actual cost should be. Your project might need additional resources like transport, materials or equipment due to the site location, and these are all things that can have an impact on the price in the long run.


The amount of time available to complete your project is an important factor in determining the cost, and also why it’s imperative that you know what you want your budget to be as well. If you have a tight timeline, you might be subject to rush charges based on when you need the project to be completed. The prefab steel company or the contractor might have their own prices based on projects completed in different lengths of time, so it will be up to you to figure out whether speed is more important than cost. The great thing about steel buildings is that they are typically must easier and quicker to erect than other types of construction, making it more than possible to have your structure done in a timely manner.

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