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In many places in North America, there are various stages of a housing crisis going on everywhere you turn. Whether it’s rising prices and interest rates or running out of space for new residential areas altogether, there are plenty of issues with today’s housing market that could actually be helped greatly by prefabricated steel buildings. While every homeowner is different and will want a different look and feel for their residential properties, it’s more than beneficial to consider steel buildings as an option for a number of reasons.

Lower Cost

On average, you can save around 30% off the final cost of a steel structure when you compare it to the raw materials and labor costs that would be incurred in a more traditional building project. Prefab steel structures benefit from the fact that it arrives at your job site already partially completed, meaning much less money will be spent on labor to put it all together. Even transporting the materials to your job site – something that can sometimes be a rather costly hidden expense – ends up being much cheaper with prefab steel buildings due to the material’s lightweight nature. It will take much less fuel and energy to bring the materials to you jobs site, which in turn will make it cheaper for you to get started. This is in contrast to the rising housing costs, especially in major cities around North America.


While it’s possible to build a custom home with other building methods, the cost is typically much more than what you would pay for a prefab steel structure. The great thing about Lincoln Steel Buildings is that there are already quite a bit of kits to choose from, so you’ll be better able to get the exact kind of layout and design you’re looking for. Not only that, but steel buildings are much more than the industrial structures we tend to think of when they’re mentioned. It’s possible to add side facing materials like brick so that your residential property looks more like traditional home instead of a modular one.

Size & Location

With our prefab steel buildings, you have a lot more freedom in determining the size and location of your structure, instead of having to choose from existing buildings to call home. You might find the perfect area, but not like the structure itself. Our steel buildings give you the freedom to put your new residential structure wherever the appropriate permits allow. We specialize in small steel buildings from sizes 16′ to 40′ with unlimited lengths; the perfect range of dimensions for all of your residential property needs.

Quick Construction

More than anything else, the great thing about our steel buildings is how quickly they can be erected, which is perfect when you consider how long traditional residential properties take to be completed. Whether it’s a house or condo structure, months or years often pass before housing units are completed, and this is something you simply won’t have to worry about with our prefab steel buildings. A project can be completed in a matter of weeks along with full customizations.

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