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Buildings for Flea Markets

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Above all of prefab steel’s excellent features, the best one is how flexible steel buildings are and all of the ways you can use steel structures across a wide variety of industries. It’s always important to know what you’re looking for out of your steel building before starting your next project so you pick the right kit for you. Steel buildings are great for industries like retail, and more specifically make for excellent flea markets for a number of reasons. Most flea markets are structures that have been standing for quite a long time, usually made from a combination of steel framing and concrete; perhaps a multi-purpose structure in the past due to its open concept. Here are just a few reasons why prefab steel buildings are excellent for building a flea market space!


More than anything else, size is the most important factor in the construction of a building like a flea market space. Depending on how many vendors you’re looking to accommodate and how much pace you anticipate giving to each of them, our structures with 40’ widths and unlimited lengths are of the utmost benefit to you. You have plenty of options in terms of the size you’ll need, so make sure you have a clear vision of what you want your final project to look like.

Ease of Construction

Prefab steel structures are remarkably easy to put up, which makes it the perfect option for flea markets that might want to meet a springtime deadline to open during the summer. Warmer months are the best times for flea markets because of their open air feel, and if you’re planning to have one on your property for 2017, prefab steel is the best option you have to get the job done in time. Not only is it easier and more efficient, it will also save you money in labor costs since you’ll need contractors for a much shorter period of time. These are savings that you can then put towards other expenses in your structure.

Open Concept

Since it will be a space that will house several vendors throughout the space, it’s important for the building to be open concept. Steel buildings have a great strength to weight ratio, meaning they are much better able to support themselves without the need for centralized support columns that are often obstructive. With the absence of these features that tend to get in the way, you have much more space to play around with and organize however you see fit. This is also great for a flea market setting because vendors change periodically depending on factors like theme, vendor budget or other agreements. Having an open concept space allows you to distribute, allocate and rearrange booth space however you see fit, and in a manner that makes sense for how you want the layout to look.

Energy Efficient

The natural insulation of prefab steel makes it the perfect “green” building, saving you on utility costs since your appliances will use up much less energy in order to keep your entire structure heated or cooled. This is excellent for a flea market set up since the costs to keep a large building temperature regulated with older appliances or less insulation would be astronomical. It’s also likely that every vendor will have their own individual power needs, so by gauging how much power each vendor is likely to need, you won’t have to worry about going too much over budget because of overworked appliances.

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