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Building a Commercial Building

For commercial spaces, choosing the right material can have a huge effect on the final product in many ways. More and more, building owners have been choosing prefab steel as their go-to material of choice for plenty of reasons that will ultimately result in the best final structure. Here are just a few of the reasons why commercial buildings built from steel are probably the best construction option.


A big reason many commercial builders choose to go with prefab steel is due to the cost savings they’ll experience by choosing it over more traditional forms of building like wood or concrete, the prices of which continue to rise at a much faster rate than the cost of steel. When ou take inflation into consideration, the costs of steel are technically cheaper than they were in the early 2000s, due in part to the drop in the amount of time it takes to produce a ton of raw steel from 10 hours to 1. That productivity has greatly offset the cost of steel as a raw material and translates to approximately 30% savings when compared to putting up a similarly sized building made from other materials.


Thanks to its pre-engineered nature, most of the building’s components are put together before it’s sent to the build site, where it can then be quickly put together without much “prep” beforehand. Once the foundation is laid correctly, you’re able to start the building process and finish it in a matter of days instead of weeks or months. This is great so that the commercial space can be put into use much sooner, and everyone can get a speedy return on their investment.


No matter what you need your office space to look like, prefab steel can bring your vision to life with no issues. It can be as simple or as ornate as you can imagine, depending on the customization options you end up choosing. From factories to retail space, steel can create endless possibilities based on your needs. It can be bent, curved and cut to any layout you can think of, and you can also make simple renovations later on down the line in the event that your business grows larger than it is right now; outgrowing your current commercial building.


Some builders tend to shy away from steel structures due to the assumption that all the buildings have to look the same and have a more industrial type look. It’s important to remember that buildings can be fitted with wood, brick, glass and metal to make the outside or inside look nearly anyway you want, it really just depends on what you want the final look to be.


Of course, one of the biggest reasons to use steel in a commercial space is its strength and overall durability. Steel can stand up to all types of elements and weather conditions and support more weight than other materials like concrete or wood without any damages. This opens up the door to more customization, where adding these features to buildings made from other materials might be too much added stress or pressure on the structure itself. Also, steel is pest and fire resistant; as well as resistant to decay and corrosion so long as the right protective coatings and paints are there!

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