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Olympia Came Through

We purchased our building several years ago and have erected it ourselves with no prior experience. While putting up a 100×80 might not recommended to the general public, the instructions were complete and easy to follow. They do not explain in what order so beware of that, but a few adjustments and we got it up just right.

Everything down to the last pop-rivet and nut came with the kit, and was all properly labeled and bagged for use. As far as the building itself, it performs flawlessly and we have seen no leaks, gaps or changes in any of the joints/tin.

If you are interested in purchasing one, please take time and make sure you understand exactly what you are getting – the salesman walked us through it very thoroughly and we are very happy with the results – if you have any questions, ask! Once it is up/shipped to your door it is hard to change.

Our building has done exactly what we designed it to do, with no troubles and Olympia came through just as they claimed with cheerful and helpful people.
Natasha & Jordan Paris

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