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Cool Things Made from Steel

Monuments Made from Steel Steel has been used to make many different monuments around the world. Many of these landmarks have stood the test of time, while others are fairly recent but still reflect the amazing properties of steel. Because the metal can be bent and shaped many different ways while still remaining very durable and strong, it has been used in a number of fascinating ways. Here are a few of the incredible monuments that have made use of steel. Bridges It should come as no surprise that steel has been used in bridges. In fact, it’s one of the most often used materials. Many of the steel bridges around the U.S. aren’t famous or well-known, but a number of them are. The Golden Gate Bridge, for example, is made from steel. The George Washington Bridge that crosses the Hudson River and connects Manhattan to Fort Lee, New Jersey, is another steel bridge. The Peace Bridge connecting the U.S. and Canada is also made out of steel. It’s 5,800 feet long and crosses over Lake Erie. The Steel Bridge in Portland is, naturally, made from steel. Dams A number of dams are also made out of steel. The most famous is the Hoover Dam, of course. It sits on the Colorado River and provides electricity for residents and industries in California, Arizona, and Nevada in addition to being a tourist attraction. Other dams that made use of steel in their construction include the Bonneville Dam and the Grand Coulee Dam. Buildings Naturally, many of our most famous buildings also feature steel at their hearts. These buildings are scattered across the country. Here are just a few of these amazing buildings: The prison on Alcatraz Island, The Chrysler Building, the world’s tallest steel-supported brick building (although not the tallest building in the world), The Empire State Building,  Madison Square Gardens, Rockefeller Center, which includes 19 different buildings. %0 Rockefeller Plaza features a nine-ton stainless steel panel hung above the entrance that features different ways journalists have communicated with the public over the years. 30 Rockefeller center, the setting for the popular 30 Rock television show, is also where the famous photograph of construction workers eating lunch while sitting on a steel beam high above the ground was taken. One Chase Manhattan Plaza, which sports a 53,000-ton steel frame to support its 60 floors. In addition to these bridges, dams, and buildings, many railways and subways make use of steel.

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