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Garage Features

garage orginization

Having a nice space for storage, your vehicles, and just to hang out in is important. Olympia can create a custom building just for you. We handle all the building work, that’s the easy part for you!

Here are some features you definitely want to incorporate in your new steel building.

Wall Mounts

Having wall mounts can really help you get work done. Constantly searching for tools and parts in tool boxes can be a real time killer. Having a wall mount is a nice place to hang things while working on a project.

The More Outlets – The Better

Let’s face it, you will be using a lot of outlets in your new garage. You will be working on projects, entertaining friends, maybe putting in a tv or radio. You will need outlets, so you don’t have to sacrifice the whole package! Electrical ordinances do vary, so make sure to check into it first!


Proper lighting is so important! Try to keep in mind what kind of tasks you will be performing in your garage – as it will impact your lighting choices. Some cool bar signs might look nice too!


You are going to want to invest in some shelving units, storage containers, and other organization helpers! You will soon realize keeping everything in an assigned spot will be tremendously helpful when you are searching for something in a pinch.

Having a garage is a great addition to any home. If you are looking for something at a cheap price, view our steel buildings that are on sale this month!

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