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What Material is Best For Your Building?

It’s no secret that steel structures are typically a better choice than most other materials like wood and even brick, but what about concrete? Concrete has been a construction staple for years, it’s hard to think of something else being a better option; but prefab steel takes that title for a number of reasons!


Concrete may be hard and strong generally, but it’s still a mix of  sand, gravel and chemicals bonded with water to keep it all together. Even in its solid state, it has the potential to shrink, shift, decay and even crack – things that don’t happen to steel in the least.


Both during and after the construction process, steel is much safer than handing concrete. Our prefab buildings are partially constructed off site, meaning there is much less room for accidents since there’s no raw materials to cut, bend or pour into place. Also, as soon as a prefab steel structure is completed, it’s already in its strongest state – while concrete needs a bit of time to dry and cure. Not only that, they’re better able to handle stronger outdoor elements from the moment the building goes up instead of having to wait.

Speedy Construction

Prefab steel is far ahead of concrete in this regard. Since many of the parts themselves are put together off-site, the process starts before they even get to you and your job site. Depending on the size of your project, this can cut a project that would normally take a few weeks or even months with concrete down to a mere few days from start to finish. From expert engineering to innovative design, you’ll save plenty of time putting the structure up in comparison to concrete that needs to be poured and allowed to set – something that might be further delayed with bad weather or moisture.


Having a simpler and quicker construction process affects the cost in quite a few ways. In addition to lower up front costs in comparison to the raw materials to create a similarly sized building, you will always not need as money laborers, particularly specialized contractors, on site to get your job done. You can anticipate saving around 10% between the costs of building with concrete instead of building with concrete afterwards.


What might be the best feature of steel structures is their flexibility and the ability to do renovations later after the fact. Our steel structures have no obstructive support beams, meaning the interior is completely open concept and able to be used however works best. With steel buildings, whatever you might need in your building’s interior can be done as long as you plan the customization early on in the project. You can also do renovations and expansions down the line with very little disruption to the rst of the structure. With concrete, you will have to demolish plenty of the structure in order to add on newer areas and more space.

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