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What’s Even In A Steel Building?

It’s no secret that steel is the most recycled material on earth, more than glass, plastic, paper and aluminum combined. It could be said that steel is a material that is constantly replenishing itself, as the majority of the steel in the country is made from recycled steel. This is thanks to the fact that no matter how many times the material is used and reused, the quality and strength is never compromised. From buildings to tools, packaging cars and so much more, the material is literally everywhere. Essentially, the entire manufacturing industry relies on steel in one way or another, either in the form of material use or for tools and equipment. Until there is another mass innovation in construction tools and methods, there will likely never be a time where steel won’t be required in some form or fashion in every single industry. This is why it’s important for steel to be able to be reused many times over to make the most of what we have already. It’s likely that your steel structure was once a part of one or many different items in the past in some capacity, as nearly all of the steel used for prefab steel structures is recycled. But from where? Cars Automobiles don’t last forever, so often times the steel from the frames make it beyond the junkyard. These cars have use long after they stop running themselves. Cars themselves are already made of approximately 60% recycled steel as it is, so it makes sense for the material to go into yet another state and product. This is actually the top source for recycled steel considering how many cars come off the road and into junkyards each and every year all over the world. This accounts for nearly 20 million tons of of salvaged steel

Steel Containers

Whether it’s paint cans or shipping containers, this is another common source of much of the recycled steel in prefab steel buildings. There are so many uses of these types of containers for things like gasoline, non-perishable food and all types of packaging, that it’s constantly being discarded and later recycled for other uses.


Steel can also come from other large scale items like trains, bridges and even other steel buildings. Steel is a materials is strong, durable and might last for decades but there does come a time when it has run its course. At this stage, it can then be salvaged and used for something brand new. Old commercial buildings are a great source for salvaging steel that it often later used to build more structures in other places with just as much strength and durability as before.


Whether it’s stoves, dishwashers or dryers, there’s enough steel in the vast majority of home appliances to be recycled. Much of this steel is salvaged, instead of the appliance itself ending up in a landfill somewhere, making them extremely useful long after it has stopped functioning.

It’s important to consider how steel goes through a long cycle and gets used again and again in brand new ways each time.

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