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Motorcycle Storage

Why Steel Buildings Make The Perfect Motorcycle Storage

One of the most perfect uses for steel buildings is storage. It does a great job at keeping whatever items you may need to store safe, protected and secure from a whole host of external factors. For motorcycle, bicycle, scooter or moped owners, having the right storage is imperative to extending the life of your item. While some homeowners may have space in their homes or garages for these items, others could use the extra space. Having a steel building on your own property will save you from having to spend money on commercial storage somewhere else. Though a prefab steel building will obviously have upfront costs associated with it, it’s an investment that will eventually pay for itself and ring in at lower long-term costs. Between monthly fees and transport costs, having commercial storage is something that proves to be the more expensive option in the long run.  Here are just a few other reasons why prefab steel buildings


Steel buildings offer optimal protection from the elements for your motorcycles or other smaller vehicles. In addition to acting as the perfect shield for nearly any kind of weather including snow, heavy rain and strong wind, steel is also pest-resistant. Unlike wood, you won’t have to worry about insects like termites or smaller burrowing animals getting into your structure and damaging the items inside. Our prefab steel buildings are engineered to be constructed in such a way that moisture doesn’t leak into the structure, meaning your vehicles won’t be exposed to high amounts of water that may cause damage to the engine or mechanical centres in some way. Because these items tend to be expensive, it’s important to keep them safe in this way. Steel is always a great material to thwart theft due to its strength; and with the right locking system it can be a great way to keep your motorcycle secure.


Our prefab steel buildings come in a range of size to suit your particular needs, so you’ll never be stuck settling for a lack of space from your structure. With widths up to 200 feet and unlimited lengths, it will be simple for your to house your motorcycle, bike or scooter, no matter how many you need to store. Our buildings also don’t have use obstructive support beams or posts, meaning you will have enough space to store the items you need to in a layout that makes the most sense to you.


Steel is a material known mainly for its durable nature. It’s important to remember that it’s a high quality material that will ensure your motorcycle is protected at all times. Our prefab steel buildings come with a 40-year rust proof perforation warranty, helping it to stay in good shape for years.

Low Maintenance

Unlike some other materials like wood or even concrete, our prefab steel buildings will require virtually no maintenance to remain in good shape over its lifetime. Obviously its effectiveness is tied to it being in good condition, and this usually means regular maintenance to keep it that way. With steel, however, it stays in great condition for longer periods of time. Familiarize yourself with the appropriate protective paints and coatings that can help your building last even longer.

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