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Need a Building for a Temporary Site?

Why Prefab Steel Is Perfect For Structures With Temporary Locations While prefab steel buildings are a great long-term construction solution for many types of buildings, it’s also important to consider them when you need something a bit more temporary. Generally speaking, these structures would be perfect for bridging the gap during a lengthy renovation. From schools to shopping malls, tons of locations go through major reconstruction that leaves much of it inaccessible and unusable during the duration of the renovation. This can cause displacement for some that use the building on a regular basis. Steel buildings are a great way to address this issue since they can resolve the problem in such a short span of time but can still last for as long as it’s needed. Durability Using prefab steel structures will ensure your building has a level of strength and protection you can’t always get from other methods of construction. In addition to being able to stand up to various weather conditions including extreme conditions, prefab steel structures are also pest resistance, fire resistant and can stand up to moisture and leaks. This durability ensure it stays in good shape over the time you’ll be using it without having to do much maintenance to keep it that way. Fast Construction Time The most important benefit of using prefab steel buildings for this purpose is the fast turnaround time. With its easy DIY construction method, general contractors are able to complete it over the course of a few days as opposed to weeks or months. This will be important for the displaced party so they can get back to business as usual sooner rather than later, getting a return on their initial investment and not having to wait for long periods of time for it to be completed. If there’s a larger renovation happening, one of the last things a company or organization would want to do is have additional side construction happening at the same time for long stretches of time. Space With widths of up to 200 feet and unlimited lengths, it will be easy to accommodate the various space requirements you may need for these displaced entities. Whether the use of the space stays the same or rotates a few times as a renovation moves around different parts of a larger structure displacing new areas, the space will be available to be used in a multitude of ways. In addition, prefab steel structures are free from interior columns and beams that can usually obstruct the flow of a space and limit the various layouts it can have. Our steel structures are flexibility in that way so that it can be used in different ways if it’s necessary. It will be important to consider how much space in general you might require, as the structures parts will be specifically designed and engineered to complete your project. Recyclability One of the best features of steel as a material is even more important when used in this way. Steel is luckily 100% recyclable so once the long-term renovations are over, it’s possible to deconstruct the building and it be used in a brand new way. This is why prefab steel structures are often considered “green buildings”, alongside its energy efficiency.

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