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What are Steel Buildings?

If you’re reading this, chances are that you already have a decent idea of what prefab steel buildings are, at least in the most simple sense. Still, it’s important to break down exactly what it is to help make more informed purchase decisions. Prefabricated buildings, also known as pre-engineered buildings is the process of taking raw materials to partially create the design and strength of a completed building. Parts of your structure are partially put together at one site before being packaged and shipped to your construction site for full assembly.

They are typically much lighter in weight than concrete buildings and serve to provide a much simpler and faster build experience. Steel buildings are more energy efficient than their wood or concrete counterparts, an important consideration for companies or builders looking to lessen their ecological footprint.


Prefabricated steel buildings are used by a wide variety of uses and industries, with over 70% of non-residential structures using pre-engineered steel methods in some way. Storage units and warehouses are one of the most popular uses of steel buildings, but they can also be used for garages and extra storage, commercial buildings, workshops, boat storage recreational or sporting space projects, horse stables, riding arenas and so much more.


Using prefab steel buildings come with a whole host of benefits both short and long-term. Compared to other forms of construction, steel buildings save you time, money and resources that you can then use for other parts of your project. Since steel rarely fluctuates in prices, on average you will save 30% on upfront costs since each and every piece of your project is specifically designed based on your needs – meaning no material is wasted. You will also save money on the construction, since prefab steel buildings provide a much easier process that requires a few days of work as opposed to a few weeks or months. Easy DIY construction also means you don’t need specially trained contractors, another avenue where you can save money. Steel by nature is extremely durable, and able to withstand all types of weather conditions including extreme weather light high winds and heavy rain or snowfall. In addition, it’s resistant to pests like termites and other insects that typically bore into wood-based structures with ease. Prefab steel structures stay safe from different types of cracks and splitting that would normally accompany concrete structures, and is also fire resistant. Not only with this save you money on maintenance in the long run,  large insurance companies tend to offer rebates when it comes to metal buildings.

Expansion & Renovation?

Just like any building, there may come a later time when you require more space than you originally thought you did. Our prefab steel buildings can be modified quickly and in a cost effective way even after the initial building project is complete. It’s important to begin your project with possible expansion in mind, but it can sometimes be difficult to accommodate these changes if they’re unexpected.

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