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New Construction Trends

new construction trends
Just like any industry, the construction industry will go through trends and changes that might affect how jobs get completed. While some of these changes might present new challenges, others are things that will do nothing but help the construction process in the long run – so it’s important to know the difference and be aware of what these new trends might be. Labour Shift During the recession, there was a lot of loss in the construction industry and many of these employees never returned to the industry. No matter the level or niche construction needs, this has affected labour all across the board when it comes to both general and skilled labourers. This isn’t to say that jobs will be impossible to complete, it just requires a knowledgeable team who can realistically complete their jobs on time. It’s now more important than ever to have a competent project manager to keep everything on track since the industry is working with less people than it ever has before. New Technology There are always new developments that pop up in order to make the process quicker than before, like programs and apps that help everything go much more efficiently. From designing, planning, scheduling and communicating, there’s an app for almost every part of the construction process that might have been much more challenging in years past. These things are becoming more and more necessary as time goes by, in order to make sure that owners, contractors, architects and other necessary roles are all on the same page in terms of the project needs and progress. Consider tools that render layouts and plans in 3D, or a project management tool that keeps all the involved parties updated on the project’s progress via a regularly updated task list and communication between all parties. These are the details that allow things to go smoothly depending on who you work alongside. Focus On Green Structures The last few years, there has been much more of a focus on green structures to address environmental concerns that come with building. We’ve only  been recently learning about the ways construction can damage the earth in many ways, so there’s been much more effort in finding sustainable ways to finish the job in ways that are still affordable for the owner. Prefab steel by its very nature is already a “green structure” but there are plenty of add-ons and processes that can keep it that way or change it. It’s important for owners and contractors alike to be committed to completing structures in a way that makes sense for the environment as well as the budget of the project. From solar panels to proper insulation, there are ways to make your structure even more “green” than it already is. Equipment Sharing To save on costs, there are some construction companies that are renting larger equipment instead of buying it.  This can do plenty for these companies, from keeping them out of debt to making their taxes lower and of course, shifting the equipment maintenance costs to the actual owners of said equipment. For more information on our steel buildings, call us at 1-888- 449-7756  

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