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School Buildings

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No matter what type of school it is, from grade schools to universities, they play an important role in whatever communities they serve. Often times in addition to an educational facility, they double as community buildings, sports facilities and even relief centers and storm shelters. School buildings have quite a few things to live up to, and that flexibility is important in the grand scheme of how the building functions. Steel is the only building materials that can live up to all of these uses and requirements!

It’s a great option because it can work for so many types of schools. A college campus will be vastly different from a middle school, needing different things to function smoothly and make the most of the material. Some schools will require far more sporting facilities than others, while others might require large playgrounds, or even living quarters on the grounds to accommodate the type of student they expect to go there. From food courts, lecture halls, admin offices and auditoriums; each school will need something unique to the way it will likely be used – which is what makes steel such an attractive option regardless of what the end result will be.

Steel is a good place to start whether you’re looking to create a small or large school, thanks to a number of factors including durability and flexibility. Here are just a few reasons why steel is the perfect option for school buildings.

Quick Construction

Of course with prefab steel structures, major parts of the structure are fabricated beforehand and then sent to the job site to be put together. Once there, the building can be erected by a team of laborers and general contractors. With other more traditional materials like wood, brick or concrete has to be cut, poured or fit on site and takes up much more time than prefab steel. Especially when building or expanding a school, speedy construction is of the utmost important since you really only have the summer months to complete the work and perfect all the customizations and interior designs and add-ons. While schools let out for the year anywhere between April and the end of June, most schools resume operations in September so it will be imperative that you have a quick construction process for you to stick to this timeline.


Probably the best features of steel is how durable it is, able to last for years and years without much (or any) maintenance. Considering that you’ll want your students to be well protected in the walls of your school, steel is an obvious choice.


As mentioned, different types of schools with have vastly different needs so a material that is flexible to accommodate whatever those might be is important. From differently sized classrooms to large gyms with no obstructive support beams or columns, the possibilities are truly endless with steel buildings.

Fire Resistant

Safety is of the utmost importance in any space where lots of people will be for hours at a time, and especially in a space where children might be like a school – fire safety is extremely imperative. Most schools are well-versed in the procedures for exiting the building if fire ever becomes a threat and have regular drills, so the staff and most of the students will know what to do in the event of a fire. While no building is 100% fireproof, the great thing about steel is it won’t add fuel to it, like a material like wood will. It’s likely that the fire will not spread as quickly as it would in a wood-based structure, giving everyone just a little more time to exit the building.

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