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Straight Wall Buildings

Choosing A Straight Wall Steel Building

In the world of steel buildings, there are a few types that are used most often and each come with their own unique benefits. Generally, there are both arched wall and straight wall buildings, and while arched steel buildings do work for many projects, straight wall buildings come with their own specific benefits that make them a good choice depending on what you’re looking for. Straight wall buildings come with walls and framing that is fixed, supporting the whole structure this way. This is in contrast with an arched wall steel building where long pieces of steel come together to create the building’s frame.

It’s important to have a clear idea of what your building will be used for in order to make an informed decision about which option is best for you. Here are just a few of the benefits to choosing a straight wall steel building for your next project.

Great Value

Straight wall steel buildings are a great investment with even greater return. If space is imperative to how you plan to use your building, straight walls offer slightly more square footage than an arched building that loses bits of space as you move towards the peak of the building. Our steel buildings come in widths of up to 200 ft and unlimited lengths so it’s easy to expand to the exact size you need, however arched buildings have a more “rounded” construction that may work much better for some, but is an important consideration to make if the full storage area in both space and height is vital to how you use the building.

Aesthetic Flexibility

Straight wall steel buildings have the ability to be very versatile with the ability to customize it in any number of ways. No matters what you have in mind for your project, a straight wall steel building can assist in bringing it to life. Due to the shape, the final look resembles other traditional forms of construction like wood or concrete a lot more than arched steel buildings often do. They can be used as storage units, school buildings, commercial locations and office buildings as well as recreation centres and retail stores. While arched buildings can be used for a variety of things, they are a bit more aesthetically limited in terms of how well they would fit into the look of different locations. They are perfect for storage and more agricultural purposes, but straight wall buildings can be customized to look like any other building in the vicinity with much more ease.

Functional Flexibility

Straight wall steel buildings open the door up to all kinds of interior layouts in a way that arche buildings don’t. There would even be the ability to add a second floor that wouldn’t be there with arched structures due to the shape and curve of the roof. You can also add windows and doors much more easily on any of the walls in a straight wall structure, instead of only the end walls like in an arched wall structure. Again, it’s important to define from early on what your steel structure will be used for to determine whether this is something that’s beneficial to you or not.

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