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Does your Company Need an Airplane Hangar

Why Steel Buildings Make The Best Airplane Hangars

Whether it’s for personal or commercial use, storing airplanes means taking many factors into special consideration for finding the best solution. There’s a whole host of requirements that need to be met to ensure they’re safely and securely stores in a space large enough to accommodate them, which is what makes prefab steel buildings the perfect choice for them for a number of reasons. From an open floor plan to the extra security it provides, here’s why steel buildings make the best airplane hangars.


Steel buildings are uniquely durable, able to withstand a whole host of elements without much regular maintenance to keep it together. No matter how much you have to store, you can count on the high quality of steel to keep your aircraft protected through all types of conditions including extreme weather.


Prefab steel is engineered with quality and safety in mind, which is what makes its durability so important. Since our steel buildings don’t have multiple interior support columns, it actually makes it safer for any crew, passengers and the airplane itself when landing and parking the plane. The open concept space gives you ample room to ensure the plane is correctly positioned inside.


Steel airplane hangars are also more secure than other materials, and with items as expensive as aircraft can be this is an extremely important factor. Steel on its own is a tough material and coupled with strengthened locks it’s a great option for storing your plane in comparison to other building materials.


With widths up to 200 feet and unlimited lengths, steel buildings are probably the best option when you’re considering building storage for items as large as aircraft. From small passenger planes to commercial aircraft, steel’s flexibility makes it a great choice. With interiors that are free of obstructions and largely open concept with high ceilings, it will be important to consider a few needs before deciding what size and layout is perfect for you. The size of the aircraft you plan to store will be the most important determining factor in figuring out just how much space you need, in addition for making extra room for repair and maintenance centers, storage and an office or administrative area if necessary.


The benefit of using a materials such as steel vs. others like wood is the long-lasting durability and strength of the materials. It’s engineered to be able to withstand many different forms of impact, and requires little to no continuous maintenance to keep it in good shape. Unlike wooden structures, steel buildings are not susceptible to fire which will result insurance savings of up to 40%. It also comes with a 40-year rust proof perforation warranty, meaning it will remain in good shape for years to come.

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