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Weird Items Made from Steel

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Unusual Items Made of Steel

Steel can be used to create a wide variety of useful, common objects, but it’s also been used to make some very unusual, very different things, too. Here are a few of these really cool things made out of steel.


Of course, there’s art made out of steel, but some of it is a little more unusual than others. One of the most interesting exhibits is “Hybycozo.” This art exhibit features three polyhedra made from steel with almost alien like patterns on them. These steel sculptures were made by Serge Beaulieu and Elena Filipchuk. He’s an artist, she’s an environmental scientist, and they combined their specialties to make these cool pieces of art. Steel is also often used to make lawn sculptures. These pieces of art may be mass produced, unlike the Hybycozo piece, and stuck in your yard using the attached pole. Steel is perfect for this type of item because it can withstand the weather.

Home Décor

When most people think of steel, they think of function, but it can also be decorative. Many of these unusual items are also made from recycled parts. For example, steel pipes can be linked together and made into a candelabra. They can also be hung on the wall with hooks or even faucets to create a coat hanger. Light fixtures, tables, shelves… you can basically recycle steel pipes into just about anything. If you love soccer, there’s even a company in Germany that will create sheet metal soccer balls you can use to decorate your house with—just don’t try to kick them.


You’ll find steel jewelry out there, too, and it’s more than just a plain stainless steel ring. Steel can be made into just about any shape. For example, steel can be used to make a pair of very nice cufflinks, or steel links can be joined together into a bracelet.

Kitchen Items

You probably have your stainless steel mixing bowls and such, but what about a stainless steel pizza cutter, herb chopper, or bread box? All of these items can be made from steel! If you do a lot of barbecuing, stainless steel skewers are a great idea. Just about any metal kitchen item can be made from steel.

The Steel House

What list of unusual items made from steel would be complete without listing this entire house? Steel House, built by Robert Bruno, sits near Lubbock, Texas, and is made out of 110 tons of steel! Oh, and it also looks like a pig!

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